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In Their Own Words: Media Magnets on Israel and Jewish Values

The Media Magnets touched down in Israel eight days ago and immediately immersed themselves in the Jewish homeland, laughing, crying, and sharing their gorgeous photos and incredible insights with their millions of followers around the world. For some, it was their first time in Israel and for others, they were revisiting a place from their… View Article

Providing Aid in Disaster Zones: Stories of Everyday Heroes from Our Media Magnets Trip

During a cold, dark night, a family with five children walked to a Greek refugee camp. They had escaped from their home country amid violence and it would be another nine hours before they reached their destination. The father flagged down a car and IsrAID Senior Director of Programs, Naama Gorodischer stopped by the side… View Article

Visiting Syrian Refugees in Israel: A Conversation with Emma Waverman

Last week, the Media Magnets visited a hospital in northern Israel, where they met Syrian refugee patients and the Israeli doctors who treat them. Though Israel and Syria are considered enemies, Israel has taken in Syrian refugees in need of medical attention who are unable to get help in their war-torn country. This visit especially… View Article

Into the Depths of Our History: Media Magnets Experience Yad Vashem

As Jews, we share rich traditions, incredible stories, and also, unbearably painful moments in our history. On Thursday, the Media Magnets explored Yad Vashem, The World Holocaust Remembrance Center in Jerusalem. During their visit, Yad Vashem gave the women exclusive access to take photos — which is usually not allowed — so that they could… View Article

Overheard in Israel: Media Magnets Unleash Their Inspiration

We already knew that each and every Media Magnet is a self-starter, a fount of wise words, a capturer of captivating photos, a sharer of extraordinary experiences, and an incredible woman. But we never imagined the endless inspiration that would emerge from bringing them all together in Israel. Add some love and light to your… View Article

Lightning Round Interviews with Annabelle Blum, Nancy Johnson Horn, and Jeanette Kaplun

Since landing in Israel, the Media Magnets Trip has been an absolute whirlwind! On the way from Tzfat to Jerusalem, we caught up with three Media Magnets to talk takeaways and emotional moments, and to shed a few tears. Annabelle Blum What’s one word that best describes your journey so far? I have two words… View Article

5 Most Unforgettable Moments

Welcome to the Media Magnets’ journey to Israel. This is where 40 amazing Jewish women bloggers, authors, TV stars, and entrepreneurs meet for the experience of a lifetime in Israel. It’s just day one and these fabulous women have already left their literal mark on Tel Aviv. Read on for incredible highlights, surprises, and more!… View Article