5 Most Unforgettable Moments

Welcome to the Media Magnets’ journey to Israel. This is where 40 amazing Jewish women bloggers, authors, TV stars, and entrepreneurs meet for the experience of a lifetime in Israel. It’s just day one and these fabulous women have already left their literal mark on Tel Aviv. Read on for incredible highlights, surprises, and more!

1. Good morning, beautiful Mediterranean Sea
This morning, we woke up with a start. Where are we? Ah, yes. We’re in Israel! We pulled open the blinds, stepped onto our private balconies, and drank in the stunning Tel Aviv beach. The air was cool and moist. The sea shimmered. Our eyes feasted on the rippling waves. Boker Tov!

2. Leaving Our (Graffiti) Marks on Tel Aviv
In Tel Aviv, Israeli artists share their stories and their country’s stories in mind-blowing murals. The colorful photo opps were surreal. But even better was when we were each handed a can of spray paint and told to unleash our inner artists.

3. Self-Portrait SWAG
Who doesn’t love surprise presents? Not only did we meet Talia Zoref, fashion illustrator for Israel’s top fashion houses, models, and fashion magazines, and get to hear about her exciting life. We also posed for our very own self-portraits. #Grateful

4. First Taste of Hummus
You know that moment when you realize that you’ve never actually eaten real hummus before? Let’s just say that we finally understand the meaning of “Hummus heaven.”

5. Powerful Jewish Women, Unite!
What happens when you bring 40 Jewish women bloggers, TV stars, entrepreneurs, and media moguls together for 8 days in Israel? Friendship! Appreciation! Love!

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